Where to start with introducing emotional wellbeing?

Child Mental Health Week is 6th – 10th February 2017, but where do you start with introducing emotional wellbeing to primary aged children?

Understanding mental health, emotional health and wellbeing are now recognised as having a critical role to play in the lives of children.   Future in Mind has emphasised promoting , protecting and improving  children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing;  can schools respond?

Helping children to negotiate the world of feelings, thoughts and behaviour and recognising the importance of sharing how they feel and what they think, is a good place to start.

‘Ruby Rafa and Riz.  Feel Think and Do’ is a new resource written to help children to explore and understand  the hidden emotional world.   The pupil book tells the story of Ruby, Rafa and Riz and their experiences of friendship, family and loss.  The teaching pack has guidance, 6 detailed lesson plans and activities to encourage discussion and develop pupils’ thinking.

To support staff using this resource and to ensure its full potential is realized,  there will be an introductory session to give a deeper understanding and context to the resource and look at effective ways of using it.

Attendees will receive a free copy of the resource –  pupil book and teaching pack (normal price £17.99) included in the £50 attendance fee.

“I recommend this practical, engaging and easy to use resource to all adults who want to support children to develop an understanding of their emotions and how to manage them” Amanda Daniels -Principal Educational Psychologist for Birmingham.

Date: February 10th 2017

Venue: Health Education Service Training Centre, Midland Croft, B33 0AW.

Time; 8.30 – 9.30am

Cost: £50 – to include copy of the resource

Visit http://bit.ly/2juR03G to book your place

To order a copy of ‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz’  teachers’ pack (£17.99) please email ann.harverson@servicesforeducation.co.uk

Run A Mile study


It is a simple idea that started in Scotland. If we can get pupils to run a mile a day (which takes 15 minutes) it could transform our impact on childhood obesity.

But we need to know if it works. If it works then we can be confident about what we do. If it doesn’t work we need to develop other strategies to tackle childhood obesity. So the Health Education Service has joined with University of Birmingham and are running a RCT (Randomised Controlled Trial)

We need 40 primary or junior schools to join the trial – 20 will be in the intervention arm and 20 will be in the control group. Priority will be given to schools in the south of the city as it is funded by Birmingham City Council as part of the Longbridge Area Action Plan.

We plan to evaluate the programme by doing measures on children who will are in years 3 and 5 in January 2017.

The children will be assessed at three time points, in several ways. This includes physical measurements such as height, weight, % body fat, fitness levels, and a questionnaire to assess their sense of well-being.

Teachers will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire, including questions that measure their well-being.


For more information or to join the study please contact Dr Sandra Passmore

sandra.passmore@servicesforeducation.co.uk or look on our website www.servicesforeducation.co.uk (go to Our Services section)

Slides from out recent schools presentation are here: run-a-mile-overview-information-jan-17

Training for NQTS – 3 day extended programme, and maths subject knowledge enhancement

We are delighted to let you know about our 3 day extended training for NQTs. The course is delivered by serving Head Teachers, Deputy Head Teachers and Lead Practitioners, and aims to equip delegates with improved knowledge, skills, and understanding in a range of key areas, and encourages them to develop a more reflective outlook towards their teaching and classroom practice.

By the end of the course participants will have addressed:

– behaviour support strategies

– monitoring and assessment processes

– introduction to quality PE teaching

– Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural

– SEN strategies and ideas

– additional workshops in response to needs/requests of delegate

The 3 days are:

18/11/16 – 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX

03/02/17 – 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX

24/04/17 – 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX

The course costs £735 per delegate.

If you would like to book a place then please click here.


We are also delivering a 3 day Maths subject knowledge enhancement course which would be ideal for those NQTs wishing to develop their maths skills and knowledge. The course will cover:

  • 28th November, 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX –Place Value, number, fluency of basic facts and addition & subtraction
  • 18th January, 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX –  Fractions (understanding the concepts and also calculating with fractions) and multiplication & division
  • 8th March, 9:00am – 4:00pm Warwick House, 10 Edward Street, Birmingham B1 2RX – The tricky bits of algebra, measure, geometry and statistic

The course costs £735 per delegate.

For further information or to book a place please click here.

2016/17 Primary Statutory Assessment training calendar

Details of all the 2016/17 training and briefing programme designed to support schools prepare for the requirements of statutory assessment are available here. This includes:

  • Briefings for senior leaders
  • Specific sessions for new Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • Specific sessions for experienced Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • Writing at greater depth for Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • How to become an LA moderator

A full session calendar hyperlinked to all course details is available at assessment-training-2016-2017v5

Significant changes in Ofsted handbooks, for both Sec 5 and 8 inspections.

Whether we agree or disagree with Ofsted’s approach to inspecting schools, there can be no doubt, standards in schools have improved immensely. More and more pupils are attending good or better schools and their life chances are improving. Ofsted has changed dramatically in its approach and schools play a greater part in the inspection process. Indeed, the move towards a one day visit for those judged previously good particularly provides a great opportunity for schools to demonstrate their continued good leadership and effective safeguarding, as well as the impact of their work in ensuring all children ‘get a good deal’ and receive their full entitlement. Ofsted have updated their handbooks, for both Section 5 inspections and for Section 8 inspections. There are a number of significant changes in both documents, many of which identify what happens if maintained schools are judged to be inadequate, including information regarding the use of an academy order (page 29 in the S5 Handbook and p31/32 in S8). In addition, in the S5 document, there is some tweaking in the wording regarding the impact of the teaching of English and Maths, changes in questionnaire processes and revisions in pupil premium requirements, to name but a few. In order to keep up to date with Ofsted, both handbooks can be accessed respectively at:



It is imperative that all schools should be aware of the revised handbooks as ignorance cannot be an excuse. At Services for Education, these key changes are shared at our termly Headlines meetings for senior leaders , and will also be covered at our Primary Leader’s Conference in early November. For more information on how we work with schools to improve outcomes through courses, support and development work, please go to: http://servicesforeducation.co.uk/ to explore our offers and work, also,


Keep up to date with Ofsted (new CIF framework), STA, NCTL, DfE, NQT and ITT. Join us at our termly support briefings for Primary senior leaders and managers.

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