Brand sparkling new! Training and support for PVI nurseries and settings

Following our successful Early Years Initial Teacher Training programme it was highly evident that there is a need for more high quality, professional development and training for the PVI sector across the West Midlands area.

Services for Education has a proven track record of providing services in supporting excellence in teaching, learning and the well-being of children. Using the expertise of our team of Early Years practitioners we have put together this programme of centre-based training and will be developing even more over the coming months.

All of our courses can also be tailored to the needs of both individual staff and organisations and can be delivered at your location throughout the West Midlands.

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PVI Training and Support Brochure

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Brighten those dark winter days with….

Some lovely CPD opportunities in the spring term!!! Our school support service provides professional development for school staff addressing:


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Is assessment without levels still a point of action for your school?


For many schools this remains so, as you consider the right approach in the minefield of replacing levels and striking out on your own.

Services for Education understands the concerns of SLTs. Your new assessment approach will need to encapsulate purposeful and “high quality formative assessment that goes to the very heart of good teaching” whilst also being sufficiently rigorous and flexible to demonstrate the “very high stakes evaluation of individual and institutional performance” which we constantly have at the back of our minds.

 (Report from Commission on Assessment Without Levels:  DfE, September 2015)

You may already have heard about a locally developed tool which many schools in the Birmingham area are already using – Trace.

Trace is an online platform linking curriculum design, with the assessment and reporting of pupil attainment. It allows you to design sequences of work against core curriculum and foundation subjects and, as learning progresses, Trace allows class teachers to record attainment directly in relation to what pupils have learnt and against the core curriculum content selected, rather than using levels or point scores. Teachers are able to easily see where there are gaps in their children’s learning or attainment and target these for future lesson planning. Trace allows evidence of pupil attainment to be quickly captured as annotations, or uploaded in the form of photos, documents or videos. This also enables your school to build a bank of evidence for moderation about your judgements of ‘what does expected progress look like here?’

Trace offers your SLT a dynamic, graphical reporting section which continually captures pupils’ learning, attainment and progress and can be filtered extensively to allow more specific analysis and satisfy the variants of your changing assessment focus.

The current OFSTED inspection handbook advises that:

  • Assessment information is used to plan appropriate teaching and learning strategies, including to identify pupils who are falling behind in their learning or who need additional support
  • Teachers use any assessment for establishing pupils’ starting points, teacher assessment and testing to modify teaching so that pupils achieve their potential by the end of the year or key stage
  • Assessment draws on a range of evidence of what pupils know, understand and can do across the curriculum
  • Teachers make constant judgements about pupils’ progress and attainment

(School inspection handbook: OFSTED August 2015)

We are confident that Trace is a well-tested resource to enable your school to meet these needs; in addition, we have a panel of expert users, based in schools who would be happy to share their own thoughts and opinions on its benefit to their school.


We are currently offering a free workshop and briefing, where an education adviser along with the main technical developer of the tool will both be available to demonstrate its benefits and answer your questions in person.


‘An Introduction to Trace’.

Date: Wednesday 13th January 2016

 Time:  8:30am – 10:00am




Date: Friday 15th January 2016

 Time:  2:00pm – 3:30pm

Venue: University of Wolverhampton Science Park Ltd.

Wolverhampton Science Park


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