2016/17 Primary Statutory Assessment training calendar

Details of all the 2016/17 training and briefing programme designed to support schools prepare for the requirements of statutory assessment are available here. This includes:

  • Briefings for senior leaders
  • Specific sessions for new Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • Specific sessions for experienced Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • Writing at greater depth for Year 2 and Year 6 teachers
  • How to become an LA moderator

A full session calendar hyperlinked to all course details is available at assessment-training-2016-2017v5


Significant changes in Ofsted handbooks, for both Sec 5 and 8 inspections.

Whether we agree or disagree with Ofsted’s approach to inspecting schools, there can be no doubt, standards in schools have improved immensely. More and more pupils are attending good or better schools and their life chances are improving. Ofsted has changed dramatically in its approach and schools play a greater part in the inspection process. Indeed, the move towards a one day visit for those judged previously good particularly provides a great opportunity for schools to demonstrate their continued good leadership and effective safeguarding, as well as the impact of their work in ensuring all children ‘get a good deal’ and receive their full entitlement. Ofsted have updated their handbooks, for both Section 5 inspections and for Section 8 inspections. There are a number of significant changes in both documents, many of which identify what happens if maintained schools are judged to be inadequate, including information regarding the use of an academy order (page 29 in the S5 Handbook and p31/32 in S8). In addition, in the S5 document, there is some tweaking in the wording regarding the impact of the teaching of English and Maths, changes in questionnaire processes and revisions in pupil premium requirements, to name but a few. In order to keep up to date with Ofsted, both handbooks can be accessed respectively at:



It is imperative that all schools should be aware of the revised handbooks as ignorance cannot be an excuse. At Services for Education, these key changes are shared at our termly Headlines meetings for senior leaders , and will also be covered at our Primary Leader’s Conference in early November. For more information on how we work with schools to improve outcomes through courses, support and development work, please go to: http://servicesforeducation.co.uk/ to explore our offers and work, also,


Keep up to date with Ofsted (new CIF framework), STA, NCTL, DfE, NQT and ITT. Join us at our termly support briefings for Primary senior leaders and managers.

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