Trans Gender Awareness training

The 2010 Equality Act provisions to protect against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation includes gender reassignment.  The definition of gender reassignment has removed the requirement for medical supervision and consequently has widened the group of people who are now protected.

As schools we have a duty to uphold the whole of the Equality Act – not just some parts of it – and be considering the possible impact on pupils, staff and parents.

Services for Education are able to deliver an in-school twilight training session for whole staff groups or targeted groups  on trans gender awareness. The aim of the 60 minutes session is:

  • To increase knowledge, information and understanding
  • To challenge stereotypes
  • To consider the difference between social transition and medical transition
  • To practically engage with issues which may affect your school

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‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  Feel, Think and Do’ – Birmingham schools leading the way


Following a morning’s training on using the new ‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz. Feel, Think, and Do’, Wyndcliffe Primary School decided to  introduce it right across the school from Year 1 to Year 6.  Kirsty Pollard, the Senior Learning Mentor, took the lead and asked Sal Akhtar to deliver to Years 3 and 4, and Asha Rani to Years 1 and 2, with Kirsty taking responsibility for Years 5 and 6.

“ I was really worried” Asha told me,  “I usually work with groups of 6 children; I had never stood up in front of a whole class of 30 children before. And I was having to teach in front of the class teacher.”

Using the lesson plans in the teacher’s pack to guide her Asha nervously went into the first of six lessons.

“I couldn’t believe it.  The children absolutely loved it.  Even the youngest children in the school understood it and contributed.  When I walked in the following week holding the book they all got excited…I was so pleased.”

By the time Asha reached lesson 4 she had invited the Headteacher to observe her in the classroom such was her confidence in the lessons and herself.

With the 6 lessons all delivered Asha reflected on her experience.

“I never thought as a Learning Mentor I would be able to teach a whole class but the resource gave me the confidence, understanding and skills to do just that.  It was so good to see the children ‘getting’ the ideas in the book; they loved the activities.  You can ask any child in the school and they will be able to tell you about Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  They know the stories and what happened to each of them and why Mr Potter didn’t understand their behaviour.  The work on display reminds them about the relationship between their feelings, thoughts and behaviour.  I shall really miss teaching these lessons”


The children too wanted to talk about Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  This what Year 2 said.

“I like the lessons because you get to tell people how you feel and what you think”

“I can share my ideas with the whole class”

“You get to do fun things and share everything, do more work and think about everything”

“I can tell people in my home or in my school.  Learning mentors, friends, the NSPCC, the Headteacher, Childline”

Finally a word from Headteacher Razia Ali

“After the first lesson the class teachers were really pleased with what the learning mentors were teaching using the Ruby, Rafa and Riz resource. The children were able to articulate what they had learnt and it supported them in making the correct choices and share any concerns they may have had. The whole school staff had training and our next challenge is to create exciting ‘My Space’ areas for the children in the classroom. Watch this space!”

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