A starting point for us as a school to start taking care of the emotional well-being of staff

“A fantastic day that will kickstart a focus on this for whole school development”

“A starting point for us as a school to start taking care of the emotional well-being of staff”

We are pleased to report on the first schools and academy trusts in Birmingham to access the Mental Health in the Workplace training.  This crucial new training provides a practical and skills based mental health training designed for senior leaders.  This 1 day course raises awareness of mental health issues, discusses appropriate language, challenges myths and assumptions, and equips staff with the knowledge and skills to have conversations about mental health. As well as raising overall literacy around mental health, senior leaders are supported in the first steps to ensuring that consideration of mental health is promoted as an integral part of school life.

Consequently we offer further bespoke, wrap around packages of support such as whole school or targeted group training for staff to support both their own wellbeing and that of the pupils.

John Paul II became the first MAT to have this training and senior leaders from Bishop Walsh Catholic School ,  St Edmund Campion Catholic School, Maryvale Catholic Primary, St Joseph’s Catholic Primary and Holy Cross Catholic Primary attended.  The day has a good balance of information, case studies, discussion and skills practice and thanks go to Teresa Cotter (Headteacher at Holy Cross ) for booking the training and to Gerry O’Dowd (Headteacher at St Joseph’s) for making us so welcome.

Hodge Hill Primary took a different approach and Maria Ryan (who had attended the free taster session earlier in the year) invited us to train all of their senior leadership team.  This turned out to be a most interesting and valuable day with the team ready to re-visit their School Development Plan as a result, to develop a culture that truly demonstrates a commitment to a principled approach to managing staff mental health and wellbeing.

For further information and bookings please contact liz.bates@servicesforeducation.co.uk





Looking for the perfect resource for that tricky summer term ‘growing up’ lesson?


Clued Up
“Clued Up for Growing Up” is a series of 16 lesson plans, resources, engaging videos and books to support primary aged pupils.   All lessons were written by practising teachers and all follow a standard, easy-to use format, with objectives, starter activities, main activities and plenary sessions including assessment opportunities.

Here’s what you get:

  • High quality teaching resources based on our popular pupil books
  • Animated Videos
  • Pupil Activities – lesson plans and resources included
  • Comprehensive Teachers’ Guide
  • Safeguarding requirements referenced throughout
  • Linked to the PSHE Association Programme of Study (January 2017)
  • Cross-referenced to the National Curriculum Science requirements

We have structured our resource so that staff have flexibility over what content is taught to what year group with a structured choice of the level of detail provided to pupils. This enables schools to meet the needs of their pupils and community and to work with parents to lower any resistance to, and address concerns about, the teaching of this crucial area of education.  For example: images and diagrams are animations, not scientific drawings; some content is in the books/videos, more detail is in the lesson plans themselves; and some topics are in a glossary section to provide a “script” for staff explanations with more support in the comprehensive teachers’ guide.

Price:  This whole school resource is available at the cost of just £70 (plus £7 postage and packing).  This one-off price also gets you access to a members’ only area of our website to access the videos and any statutory or resource updates as they happen.

How to order:  email ann.harverson@servicesforeducation.co.uk

Not yet convinced? Have a sneak peek at one of the videos (aimed at Year 1 or 2 pupils) here: https://www.facebook.com/servi

Clued Up for Growing Up

The Successful Head Teacher: Essential Business Skills

Leadership and management in schools today is more than leading and managing teaching, learning and outcomes – aspects most new leaders are well-versed in. Often it is the business of headship which causes the most challenge. Fundamentals such as employment law, financial management and estates management can leave a new Head teacher with more questions than answers, as for many it is new territory.

Whilst preparation for headship courses have great value, it is only at the point of being a new Head that the reality and enormity of this role emerges.

We are therefore delighted to offer our new two-year programme, ‘The Successful Head Teacher: Essential Business Skills’ to be launched in readiness for a September 2017 start, which will skillfully guide those new to post, or those who are in the process of applying for their first Headship, through this unique journey, exploring six  key components – People, Finance, Legal, Estates Management, Materials and Resources, Health and Safety.

Face-to-face training will be led by key experts in their field as well as partnership input from the Institute of Leadership and Management to help ensure new Head teachers have the necessary business acumen and confidence to be exceptional leaders.

Annual cost for this input £1800, a small price to pay for a comprehensive package designed to make a real difference.

To find our more, please contact linda.brown@servicesforeducation.co.uk

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