Trans Gender Awareness training

The 2010 Equality Act provisions to protect against direct and indirect discrimination, harassment and victimisation includes gender reassignment.  The definition of gender reassignment has removed the requirement for medical supervision and consequently has widened the group of people who are now protected.

As schools we have a duty to uphold the whole of the Equality Act – not just some parts of it – and be considering the possible impact on pupils, staff and parents.

Services for Education are able to deliver an in-school twilight training session for whole staff groups or targeted groups  on trans gender awareness. The aim of the 60 minutes session is:

  • To increase knowledge, information and understanding
  • To challenge stereotypes
  • To consider the difference between social transition and medical transition
  • To practically engage with issues which may affect your school

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‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  Feel, Think and Do’ – Birmingham schools leading the way


Following a morning’s training on using the new ‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz. Feel, Think, and Do’, Wyndcliffe Primary School decided to  introduce it right across the school from Year 1 to Year 6.  Kirsty Pollard, the Senior Learning Mentor, took the lead and asked Sal Akhtar to deliver to Years 3 and 4, and Asha Rani to Years 1 and 2, with Kirsty taking responsibility for Years 5 and 6.

“ I was really worried” Asha told me,  “I usually work with groups of 6 children; I had never stood up in front of a whole class of 30 children before. And I was having to teach in front of the class teacher.”

Using the lesson plans in the teacher’s pack to guide her Asha nervously went into the first of six lessons.

“I couldn’t believe it.  The children absolutely loved it.  Even the youngest children in the school understood it and contributed.  When I walked in the following week holding the book they all got excited…I was so pleased.”

By the time Asha reached lesson 4 she had invited the Headteacher to observe her in the classroom such was her confidence in the lessons and herself.

With the 6 lessons all delivered Asha reflected on her experience.

“I never thought as a Learning Mentor I would be able to teach a whole class but the resource gave me the confidence, understanding and skills to do just that.  It was so good to see the children ‘getting’ the ideas in the book; they loved the activities.  You can ask any child in the school and they will be able to tell you about Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  They know the stories and what happened to each of them and why Mr Potter didn’t understand their behaviour.  The work on display reminds them about the relationship between their feelings, thoughts and behaviour.  I shall really miss teaching these lessons”


The children too wanted to talk about Ruby, Rafa and Riz.  This what Year 2 said.

“I like the lessons because you get to tell people how you feel and what you think”

“I can share my ideas with the whole class”

“You get to do fun things and share everything, do more work and think about everything”

“I can tell people in my home or in my school.  Learning mentors, friends, the NSPCC, the Headteacher, Childline”

Finally a word from Headteacher Razia Ali

“After the first lesson the class teachers were really pleased with what the learning mentors were teaching using the Ruby, Rafa and Riz resource. The children were able to articulate what they had learnt and it supported them in making the correct choices and share any concerns they may have had. The whole school staff had training and our next challenge is to create exciting ‘My Space’ areas for the children in the classroom. Watch this space!”

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Clued Up for Growing Up – new primary relationships and sex education resource

Services for Education invite you to the launch of our brand NEW resource pack ‘Clued Up for Growing Up’  based on our series of Relationships and Sex Education books.

Come and have a first look at this exciting new resource designed to help meet the requirements for primary RSE. The pack contains video versions of each book plus a series of lessons and teaching resources developed by Birmingham teachers for Years 1 to 6 based on each of the popular pupil books. All the lessons are linked to the latest PSHE Association Programme of Study and the National Curriculum.

Attendees at the launch will receive a 15% discount if ordering the resource within 5 working days after the event.

The sessions are free so come along to find out more.

See taster clips at:


May 3rd Health Education Service Training Centre, Midland Croft, B33 0AW, 4.30pm

Booking link

May 4th Warwick House, Edward Street, B1 2RX 4.30pm

Booking link

For more information email Kathy at

Changes to the status of relationships and sex education

On March 1st the Secretary of State for Education confirmed the Government’s ambition to support all young people to stay safe and prepare for life in modern Britain by making Relationships Education (Primary), Relationships and Sex Education (RSE – Secondary) and, subject to the outcome of a thorough consideration of the subject, Personal, Social, Health and Economic Education (PSHE – both) statutory in all schools. The government laid an amendment to the Children and Social Work Bill which is intended to come into effect from September 2019.

All primary schools (maintained, academies or independent) will be required to provide relationships education (and will retain their current choice to teach age-appropriate sex education). All secondary schools (maintained, academies or independent) will be required to provide RSE. Pending the outcome of review work, all primary and secondary schools may be required to provide PSHE or elements of it.

Further information at RSE

For in-school support and training on RSE policy, curriculum and delivery in both primary and secondary schools please contact

Where to start with introducing emotional wellbeing?

Child Mental Health Week is 6th – 10th February 2017, but where do you start with introducing emotional wellbeing to primary aged children?

Understanding mental health, emotional health and wellbeing are now recognised as having a critical role to play in the lives of children.   Future in Mind has emphasised promoting , protecting and improving  children and young people’s mental health and wellbeing;  can schools respond?

Helping children to negotiate the world of feelings, thoughts and behaviour and recognising the importance of sharing how they feel and what they think, is a good place to start.

‘Ruby Rafa and Riz.  Feel Think and Do’ is a new resource written to help children to explore and understand  the hidden emotional world.   The pupil book tells the story of Ruby, Rafa and Riz and their experiences of friendship, family and loss.  The teaching pack has guidance, 6 detailed lesson plans and activities to encourage discussion and develop pupils’ thinking.

To support staff using this resource and to ensure its full potential is realized,  there will be an introductory session to give a deeper understanding and context to the resource and look at effective ways of using it.

Attendees will receive a free copy of the resource –  pupil book and teaching pack (normal price £17.99) included in the £50 attendance fee.

“I recommend this practical, engaging and easy to use resource to all adults who want to support children to develop an understanding of their emotions and how to manage them” Amanda Daniels -Principal Educational Psychologist for Birmingham.

Date: February 10th 2017

Venue: Health Education Service Training Centre, Midland Croft, B33 0AW.

Time; 8.30 – 9.30am

Cost: £50 – to include copy of the resource

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To order a copy of ‘Ruby, Rafa and Riz’  teachers’ pack (£17.99) please email

Run A Mile study


It is a simple idea that started in Scotland. If we can get pupils to run a mile a day (which takes 15 minutes) it could transform our impact on childhood obesity.

But we need to know if it works. If it works then we can be confident about what we do. If it doesn’t work we need to develop other strategies to tackle childhood obesity. So the Health Education Service has joined with University of Birmingham and are running a RCT (Randomised Controlled Trial)

We need 40 primary or junior schools to join the trial – 20 will be in the intervention arm and 20 will be in the control group. Priority will be given to schools in the south of the city as it is funded by Birmingham City Council as part of the Longbridge Area Action Plan.

We plan to evaluate the programme by doing measures on children who will are in years 3 and 5 in January 2017.

The children will be assessed at three time points, in several ways. This includes physical measurements such as height, weight, % body fat, fitness levels, and a questionnaire to assess their sense of well-being.

Teachers will also be asked to complete a short questionnaire, including questions that measure their well-being.


For more information or to join the study please contact Dr Sandra Passmore or look on our website (go to Our Services section)

Slides from out recent schools presentation are here: run-a-mile-overview-information-jan-17